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Zodiac HEIM DATaRec 4

The HEIM DATaRec® 4 concept is based on the unique capability of processing the input signal. These signal modules can be utilized as a standalone USB front end or as a multi-channel recording system via the HEIM link bus and the HEIM link modules. This modular and flexible concept supports you in your daily work as well as in larger measuring tasks and in so-called trouble shooting jobs which are unfortunately almost always on one’s daily agenda.

DIC24 | Signal module

  • 24 ICP® / analogue input channels
  • each channel has its own measuring section
  • 20 kHz bandwidth per channel
  • 24 Bit A/D converter
  • > 90 dB dynamic
  • 48.1 x 184 x 124.5 mm dimensions
  • one channel can be chosen to record the number of revolutions

The module HEIM DATaRec® 4 DIC 24 is one of the most compact 24 channel measuring systems worldwide and captivates its users by its preciseness and its performance. This versatile module can be used as a pure 24 Channel USB front end as well as in a multi-channel system (up to 1000 channels).

PWAC | Power module

The power input voltage of all modules of the DATaRec 4 system is 17 V - 28V. Each module generates the different internal required voltages. The Power Module converts the input voltages to the 24V system voltage.Within each chain of Signal Modules at least one Power Module must be integrated, since the Link Module does not pass the supply voltage throughout to its other link connectors. Power Modules are available for AC as well as for DC supplies.
The 9 – 36 voltage Power Module can support 50 watts. If a combination of Signal Modules and Link Modules request higher power consumption, than more than one Power Modul can be integrated in a chain. For decentralised system configurations Power Modules with repeater functionality are available. In this case the Power Module routes also the data to the Link Module. Parallel integrated Power Modules avoid voltage drops typical in larger installations.

LMF2FE | Link module

2 signal module chains, front-end mode

  • data rate 600 Mbit/s
  • interfaces: Gbit Ethernet, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394b
  • up to 16 (384 channels) Signal modules
  • Front-end mode
  • UDP broadcast

If a measuring system consists of more than one HEIM DATaRec® 4 signal module, the HEIM DATaRec® 4 Link module acts as central system. The HEIM DATaRec® 4 LMF2FE is the basic module in the series of HEIM DATaRec® 4 Link modules. It supports a maximum of 16 cable-connected signal modules with a total of up to 384 channels and the stream of data to the PC (in front end mode) or via a UDP broadcast into a network. Further link module versions with different additional functions are available.