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Experts in Sound and Vibration Testing​

Engineering Services

Sound and Vibration Testing

We offer a range of engineering services in the field of acoustics and vibrations. Our engineers have years of experience in acoustics, NVH testing and signal processing. Engineering services can be performed on site or at our facilities. The service can include the rental of equipment and the expertise of our acoustic engineers.

Noise localization, Troubleshooting & Benchmarking

Noise localization, troubleshooting and benchmarking services are applicable to complete products or sub-components in all sorts of industries, such as automotive, aviation, white goods, consumer electronics or turbo-machinery. Using our Microflown measuring systems, a thorough investigation of your product‘s acoustic behaviour can be obtained without the need for anechoic conditions or other forms of acoustic treatment. Combined with the engineering and NVH know-how of our specialist team, your noise control, troubleshooting or benchmarking research is solved efficiently and accurately. Depending on your problem, we offer a great variety of sound visualization and noise quantification tools to help you understand any changeling noise problem.

Acoustic Material testing

Our unique sensors offer the possibility of in-situ surface impedance measurements. Our method allows verification of performance of (building) materials as installed, which is simply not possible with (destructive) Kundt‘s tube type of measurements. Furthermore, we can map the acoustic impedance, as well as absorption and reflection coefficients over an image of your test object or material. Tests could be performed on asphalts, liners, foams, homogeneous and locally reacting materials.

Panel Noise Contribution Analysis

Measurements of sound pressure and particle velocity are performed across a vehicle cabin for obtaining the spatial distribution and contribution of different sound sources to a reference position. Typically it requires a time consuming process of applying acoustic treatment and single point measurements that could take up to a month of work.Besides that, the acoustic material that is required alters the acoustic behaviour of the vehicle‘s interior. Thanks to the unique properties of particle velocity, PNCA tests can now be performed efficiently and accurately.


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