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Internship | In-situ Sound Transmission Loss

Intensity-based Sound Transmission Loss

Sound Transmission Loss (STL) defines the ratio of the sound power transmitted across a material or structure to the incident power over it. Traditional STL methods are performed in large and expensive facilities. However, it has been proven that the in-situ estimations of STL can also be achieved by using sound intensity measurements in both sides of the sample under investigation via a sound visualization technique such as Scan & Paint.

Project description

In this project a novel in-situ technique to estimate sound transmission loss should be studied. The main goal is to assess and evaluate an innovative solution in different measurement conditions. Computer simulations and experimental measurements should be carried out to validate the technique and evaluate the limitations of the method. If the work and findings are of good quality, preparing a publication for an international congress or journal will be encouraged. In summary, the work should include a good description of sound radiation theory, computer simulations, test measurements and assessment of experimental results.


The candidate should:

  • be proficient programming in MatLab
  • be proficient in Signal processing
  • have prior knowledge in physical acoustics and sound intensity


For more information send us an email including your CV.