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Internship | Active and Reactive intensity for NVH problems

Scan&Paint 3D

The Scan&Paint 3D is a groundbreaking all-in-one solution for advanced acoustic testing. It is a unique tool for acoustic trouble shooting and sound source localization, allowing you to visualize what you hear. In a matter of minutes the complete sound field, as 3D sound intensity or particle velocity, is displayed on a 3D model over a broad frequency range. The very small 3D sensor makes it possible to obtain results with a very high spatial resolution enabling measurements even on very small objects, localizing sound sources and visualizing the sound propagation in full 3D.

Project description

In this project the use of active and reactive sound intensity will be investigated for solving multiple NVH problems. The main goal is to establish the practical foundation on how to use both quantities efficiently for noise localization, quantification and vibro-acoustic evaluation. Computer simulations and experimental measurements should be carried out to validate the proposed methods and evaluate the limitations of the introduced guidelines. If the work and findings are of good quality, preparing a publication for an international congress or journal will be encouraged. In summary, the work should include a good description of fundamental of acoustics, computer simulations, test measurements and assessment of experimental results.


The candidate should:

  • be proficient programming in MatLab
  • be proficient in Acoustics
  • have prior knowledge in signal processind and NVH


For more information send us an email including your CV.