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Sensors & Probes

Custom Probes

Probes tailored to your needs

Besides the standard probes, we also offer customized sensor solutions that are suitable for more demanding environments or particular requirements. We have extensive experience manufacturing specialized probes that are suited for changeling conditions, ranging from high sound levels, small spaces or high temperatures. In addition, we are open to collaborate designing sensors ready to be integrated with other measuring devices.

Miniaturized probes

In the field of audiology, among others, the size of the measuring transducers is paramount. A miniaturized version of the standard PU probe has proven to be very helpful to capture essential details about the sound field in small cavities or ducts. This hardware configuration is the smallest sound intensity probe up to this day.

Image from: Hiipakka, M., Kinnari, T. and Pulkki, V., 2012. Estimating head-related transfer functions of human subjects from pressure–velocity measurements. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 131(5), pp.4051-4061.

High-dB probes

When the maximum dB level of the standard probes is not sufficient, customized probes with an special package can be the solution. The "High dB" sensor set is designed to withstand particle velocity levels up to 150 dB. Measure sound pressure and particle velocity physically at the same point in one compact probe designed specifically to measure in highly noisy environments. Elevated design of the protective cap equipped with a metallic mesh that serves as a primary windscreen and also protects against mechanical damage. Give your product an edge by unleashing the complete potential of a PU probe to visualize & localize your sound sources.

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