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Sensors & Probes

USP regular

1/2" inch 3D AVS - Acoustic Vector Sensor, 3D sound intensity probe

The USP regular, is a state of the art sensor that provides the complete sound field information including the direction of the propagation vectors in three dimensional space at a given point. Comprising three Microflown on orthogonal basis and a sound pressure microphone, the USP is capable of measuring the three dimensional components of the acoustic vector quantity, acoustic particle velocity and the scalar sound pressure. Accelerating innovation and design by providing valuable insight in to the sound source location and sound propagation, the USP is an ideal transducer solution for your measurement needs.


  • Broad Band | 20Hz -10kHz
  • Compact design
  • High spatial resolution
  • Low susceptibility to P/I
  • Less dependent on environment conditions


  • Acoustic testing in non-anechoic conditions
  • Sound Source localization & ranking
  • 3D Sound field visualization
  • Range of Acoustic quantities: Sound Intensity, Sound Power, PVL measurements

Turning the possibility of 3D Sound field visualization a reality

The USP sensor, like the PU sensor is less influenced by background noise and reflections conferring it the ability to measure in-situ under realistic condition. In a broader sense, the USP allows you to visualize the sound field in three dimensional space. As the only sensor that can physically measure the dominant acoustic property in the near field directly, the sound field can be measured and quantified accurately irrespective of the measurement environment without any computational error or physical limitation for the complete frequency range from 20 Hz to 10000 Hz.

Single 3D sound intensity probe for complete Sound field information

Unmatched accuracy in the measurement of a range of acoustic quantities: 3D particle velocity, 3D sound intensity, sound power, acoustic absorption & reflection coefficients in a wide range of scenarios like reverberation conditions, closed cavities like for example, car interiors, to carry out measurements to study the sound field, localize the sound sources or the contribution of sound sources to a particular position i.e. sound source ranking.


Sensor performance Sound Pressure | Particle Velocity
Sensitivity 70 mV/Pa | 17 V/(m/s)
Frequency Range (±1 dB) 40 - 8000 Hz
Frequency Range (±2 dB) 20 - 10000 Hz
Maximum Level 112 dB | 130 dB
Noise floor (20 Hz - 2 kHz) 21 dB(A) | 32 dB(A)
Noise floor (20 Hz - 10 kHz) 27 dB(A) | 48 dB(A)
Environmental Sound Pressure | Particle Velocity
Temperature range -20 to 63 °C
Temperature Coefficient 0.067 dB/°C | 0.006 dB/°C
Influence of Humidity (30 - 90%) 0.05 dB/%RH | 0.06 dB/%RH
Static Pressure Coefficient < 0.5 dB/kPA
Maximum airflow 1.5 m/s
Physical dimensions
Connector type 7 pin LEMO
Weight 42 g
Diameter 12.7 mm
Length 128 mm