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Scan & Paint 2D

  • Implementation of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategies in boat engines
    [Original title: Implementación del Mantenimiento Centrado en la Fiabilidad (RCM) en los motores de las lanchas de instrucción]
    Published by University of Vigo 2019, Francisco José Asensio Viseras, BSc Thesis.
  • Predictive maintenance protocol for the Spanish Navy fleet using advanced acoustic software
    [Original title: Protocolo para el mantenimiento predictivo de la flota de la Armada mediante software de acústica avanzada]
    Published by University of Vigo 2019, Mariano Ramis Pasqual de Riquelme, BSc Thesis.
  • Designing the damping treatment of a vehicle body based on scanning particle velocity measurements
    Published at the AAC2018, Dani Fernandez Comesana and James Tatlow.
  • Five dB noise reduction for large medium speed diesel engines
    Published at the AAC2016, Kari Saine and Zengxin Gao
  • Design and testing of a prototype foam for lightweight technological applications
    Published in International Journal of Mechanics (Vol. 10, 2016), Massimo Viscardi, M. Arena and Daniela Siano
  • Spatial resolution limits for the localization of noise sources using direct sound mapping
    Published in Journal of Sound and Vibration 2016, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Keith R. Holland, Efren Fernandez-Grande
  • Applying a scanning sound intensity p-u probe to optimize and reduce the noise radiation of an UAV developed for cinematography
    Published at the Inter-Noise 2016, Matthew Rowe, Seamus Rowe, Shaun Pentecost, Daniel Fernandez Comesana and Gareth Beckermann
  • Turbo-compressor and piping noise assessment using a particle velocity based sound emission method
    Published at the Internoise 2015, Maxime Guiot, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Marcin Korbasiewicz, Graciano Carrillo Pousa
  • Sound visualisation tools for investigating acoustic fields based on scanning measurements
    Published at the Forum Acousticum 2014, Dani Fernandez Comesaña and Hans-Elias de Bree
  • Loudspeaker cabinet characterization using a particle-velocity based scanning method
    Published at the AIA DAGA 2013, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Andrea Grosso, Keith Holland
  • Visualization of acoustic intensity vector fields using scanningmeasurement techniques
    Published at the Internoise 2013, Dani Fernandez Comesaña, Emiel Tijs, Peter Cats, Douglas Cook
  • Operational Modal Analysis of a tyre using a PU probe based scanning technique
    Published at the Acoustics 2013 in New Dehli, E. Tijs, B. Makwana, O. Peksel, S. Amarnath, D. Bekke
  • Scan and Paint: Theory and Practice of a Sound Field Visualization Method
    Dani Fernandez Comesaña, Steven Steltenpool, Graciano Carrillo Pousa, Hans-Elias de Bree, and Keith R. Holland
  • Further Development of Velocity-based AirborneTPA: Scan & Paint TPA as a Fast Tool for Sound Source Ranking
    Published at the SNVH 2012, Graz, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Andrea Grosso, Jelmer Wind, Keith Holland, HE de Bree
  • Uso de medidas directas de velocidad de partícula para la optimización de potencia acústica de electrodomésticos y maquinaria
    Published at the Acustica 2012, Dolores Garcia Escribano, Andrea Grosso, Dani Fernandez Comesana
  • Measuring under non-stationary conditions with scanning techniques
    Published at the NOVEM 2012, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Sandra Morales Cervera, Takashi Takeuchi, Keith Holland
  • Charactersing radiation patterns of non-stationary sound sources with scanning techniques
    Published at the DAGA 2012, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Hans-Elias de Bree, Jelmer Wind, Keith Holland
  • Scan & Paint for acoustic leakage inside the car
    Published at the SAE NVH, 2011, Andrea Grosso, Hans-Elias de Bree, Steven Steltepool, Emiel Tijs
  • Performance of P-P and P-U intensity probes using Scan & Paint
    Published at the ICSV 18, 2011, Dani Fernandez Comesana
  • A Scanning Method for Source Visualization and Transfer Path Analysis Using a Single Probe
    Published at the SAE NVH, 2011, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Jelmer Wind, H-E de Bree
  • Scan&Paint, a new fast tool for sound source localization and quantification of machinery in reverberant conditions
    Published at the VDI Maschinenakustik 2010, Hans-Elias de Bree, Emiel Tijs, Jelmer Wind, Andrea Grosso
  • High resolution absorption mapping with a pu surface impedance method
    Published at the ASA NoiseCon 2010, Emiel Tijs, Hans-Elias de Bree, Eric Brandao
  • Scan & Paint: a novel sound visualization technique
    Published at the Internoise 2010, Emiel Tijs, Hans-Elias de Bree, Steven Steltenpool
  • A novel acoustic pressure-velocity based method to access acoustic leakages of an acoustic enclosure in non anechoic conditions
    Published at the Euronoise 2009, Emiel Tijs, Hans-Elias de Bree, Steven Steltenpool