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High resolution absorption mapping with a PU surface impedance method


The in-situ surface impedance method with pressure-velocity probes is documented in many publications (see e.g. 1-6). The method is based on the measurement of sound pressure (p) and particle velocity (u) close to an acoustic absorbing material. A loudspeaker at a defined distance is used to generate a sound field with a known radiation impedance. The impedance of a small area (a few square centimeters) with a known impedance is scanned with an ultra miniature pu probe very close to the surface. The area is made of steel with a cut-out, and behind this a material with a known impedance is placed. In this paper the method is explained, the spatial accuracy of the measurement is examined and a visualization technique is presented with a display of the spatial distribution (2D picture) of the damping properties as function of frequency.

Tijs, E., De Bree, H.E. and Brandão, E., 2010, April. High resolution absorption mapping with a pu surface impedance method. In Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 159ASA(Vol. 9, No. 1, p. 015003). ASA.