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End-of-Line and Quality Control

  • Integration of an End-of-Line System for Vibro-Acoustic Characterization and Fault Detection of Automotive Components Based on Particle Velocity Measurements
    Published at the SAE 2017, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Graciano Carrillo Pousa end Emiel Tijs
  • Acoustic particle velocity for fault detection of rotating machinery using tachless order analysis
    Published at the Internoise 2015, Graciano Carrillo Pousa, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Jaime Wild
  • Fault detection system using acoustic particle velocity in noisy environments based on kurtosis
    Published at the ISMA 2014, G. Carrillo Pousa, M. Korbasiewicz, D. Fernandez Comesana
  • Fault Detection System Using Acoustic Particle Velocity based on Gaussian MixtureModels and Mel-Cepstral Parameters
    Published at the Daga 2014, Graciano Carrillo Pousa, Marcin Korbasiewicz, Daniel Fernandez Comesana
  • In situ PU surface impedance measurements for quality control at the end of an assembly line
    Published at the SAE NVH 2009, E. Tijs, E. Brandao, H-E de Bree
  • Using particle velocity sensors for end of line control
    Published at the SAE NVH Brasil 2008, Hans-Elias de Bree, Andre Oliveira