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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


Software & Support Contracts

The software support contract aims to offer the best service and support to our clients. The software support contract is not only a guarantee for your software but also a full range of services and personal support to achieve the best quality standards at your work.

Calibration Service

Be it for ISO like compliance, or to guarantee accurate results, instrumentation needs to be recalibrated frequently. We advise to recalibrate the Microflown sensor once per 2 years. In our lab, we use reference sensors that are recalibrated annually at an accredited lab.


We offer repairs performed at our headquarters by our well trained employees, ensuring you'll keep the highest quality of instrumentation. Please click read more to read more about the RMA procedure for repairs.

Engineering services

The engineering services can be performed on site or in house, depending on application and customers wishes. The service can include the rental of equipment and/or the expertise of one of our specialized engineers. The unique Microflown sensor can be deployed for evaluating issues in the field of acoustics and vibrations, troubleshooting or benchmarking.

Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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