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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity

Software & Support Contracts

The software support contract aims to offer the best service and support to our clients. The software support contract is not only a guarantee for your software but also a full range of services and personal support to achieve the best quality standards at your work. Furthermore you will receive for example discounts on maintenance or trainings, access to additional educational materials and many more.



An Update Service Contract is offered (USC) too. This will solely provide you with the new software releases, but none of the SSC and SSC+ features.


The Software & Support Contract (SSC) ensures that you always run the latest software version including all improvements and new features. The SSC includes discounts on maintenance, hardware upgrades, trainings, access to additional educational materials, and much more. Take advantage of the full range of services and personal support to achieve the best quality and efficiency in your core work.


Personal support: our team of experts is available to you for direct and personal support. With the SSC you benefit from priority service, available through telephone, skype and e-mail.

On-site support: as an SSC holder you get 10% discount on on-site training, installation, consulting and engineering services.


Releases and new features: being an SSC holder you are guaranteed to have access to all new software releases. Benefit from all improvements and new features!

Software reliability: Microflown commits to keep your software updated and compatible with new Windows releases.


Self education: extensive documentation and training videos are available for our SSC holders. This includes general information on acoustics, as well as information specific to Microflown systems and application cases.

Free webinars: free access to organized webinars on our products and other topics related to acoustics.

Training: get 30% discount on dedicated training for small groups at our office and benefit from the expertise of our experienced trainers.


Calibration: having your Microflown sensors calibrated every two years ensures the performance of your system. You receive a 30% discount on calibration of your equipment at our accredited service center.

Repair: for repairs excluded from warranty, a 30% discount on the repair costs is provided. Furthermore, as a SSC holder, you get the highest priority, granting a return of your equipment within 7 days, to ensure the continuity of your operations.

Rental: for your temporal need of additional equipment a 20% discount on rental prices is offered


To our customers that have a Software Support Contract (SSC) we offer the SSC+. This will additionally give you an extended warranty for the period of the contract. Please contact Microflown or one of our local partners to obtain more information.

Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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