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Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) system for illegal firework localisation in an urban environment


In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the use of acoustic sensors for monitoring urban noise. The most common concerns are the exposure of civilians to high sound levels and the localization of the main noise sources. Pressure-based solutions have been proven useful for observing noise at specific locations, but they have limited capabilities addressing source localization in broad areas, especially transient noises. In contrast, the combination of pressure and particle velocity transducers, the use of vector sensor such as the Acoustic-Multi- Mission Sensor (AMMS), allows for the determination of the sound direction of arrival at on specific location. Consequently, a set of AMMS distributed across an area of interest enable the location of noise sources by using triangulation upon the acquired data. A monitoring system based on AMMS has been successfully tested for the detection of illegal fireworks in the city of Leiden (the Netherlands). Five sensors have been placed on the roofs of several buildings around the city acquiring data for 17 days. The novel hardware system, calibration procedure and measurement results are presented in this paper.

Fernandez Comesana, D., Jansen, E., Rollan Seco, Y. and de Bree, H.E., 2014. Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) system for illegal firework localisation in an urban environment. In Proceedings of 21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration.



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