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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity

Publication List | Scan & Paint 3D

  • Assessing the vibro-acoustic radiation characteristics of a compact consumer appliance
    Published at the Inter-Noise 2016, Daniel Taylor and John Lamb
  • Direct acoustic vector field mapping: new scanning tools for measuring 3D sound intensity in space
    Published at the Euronoise 2015, Dani Fernandez Comesana, Steven Steltenpool, Marcin Korbasiewicz, Emiel Tijs
  • Propagation of sound around different noise barrier models using a novel three-dimensional scan based sound visualization technique
    Published at the Internoise 2015, Jasper Serraris
  • Rapid high resolution 3D intensity measurements with a stereo camera system
    Published at the AIA DAGA 2014, E.H.G. Tijs, W.J.M. Koomen, A.J. Brinkman
Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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