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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity
Preamplifiers & Frontends


The Microflown preamplifier (MFPA) improves the quality and usability of the measurement chain.

The MFPA-24 enables the direct connection of 12 PU probes (2 channels per probe) to a front-end, eliminating the need of separate signal conditioners for every probe. Each probe is connected to the MFPA-24 via a 4-pin LEMO cable. The electronics provide power to the probes and amplify the received particle velocity and sound pressure signals to line level outputs.

The output connector is a 50 pin Sub-D, compatible with the 50 pin Sub-D to 24 BNC cable (CAB-50-24BNC). New circuitry enables to lower the self-noise and support the sensor‘s full dynamic range of over 130 dB.

Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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