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Portable NVH Sound Analyzer
Portable Measuring Systems



Voyager is a portable multi-channel sound analyzer that merges multiple functional units into one device. Data acquisition, signal conditioning and storage are combined into a powerful tablet unit suitable for sound and vibration data recording, NVH testing, acoustic troubleshooting and noise control.


  • Portable multi-channel sound analyzer
  • Two modes: standalone or portable front-end
  • Built-in battery and internal storage capacity
  • Embedded touch controlled software
  • Octave Bands, FFT, Spectrogram & Loudness
  • Real time audio filters, for analysis and listening
  • Remote access and control
  • Compatibility with all Microflown probes
  • Compatible with up to 2 additional (IEPE) sensors


  • NVH testing
  • Noise source identification
  • Buzz, Squeak & Ratlle noise localization
  • Quality and End-of-Line Control
  • Sound leakage detection
  • Sound analysis
  • Sound Intensity
  • Sound Power

Noise localisation made easy! Simply listen to particle velocity and hear what you are looking for!

Gain an acoustic impression of a sound event by listening to the sensor signal in real-time. Benefit from the superior advantages of the Microflown particle velocity sensor, in terms of background noise cancellation and signal-to-noise boost, for locating sound sources. This allows using it directly at the test location in presence of environmental sounds also for non-stationary sources such as buzz, squeak & rattle. Real time filters on the audio supports to run more targeted analysis. A variety of options for real-time filtering on all channels combining: low pass, band-pass , band-stop and high pass filters.

SIMPLIFYING TESTING TIMES. Record, real time listening and analyse your acoustic data with just a single device

A powerful standalone NVH tool offering conventional FFT and octave band analysis and the implementation of spectrogram analysis allows studying non-stationary or transient noises. Calculation of loudness, including overall instantaneous loudness. Targeted analysis with the help of real-time filters on data channels.

A new way to interface with Velo applications, Voyager is the new standard as a portable frontend

The Voyager is your portable data acquisition system for our Velo 64 Bit software and its applications. Start your measurement campaigns either by making a direct connection using the Micro USB or connect it to a network using the Ethernet port.

Remote access and control your Voyager device with your smartphone, tablet or laptop

Simply connect your voyager to the same network as your device and you can fully access and control the voyager remotely. Start your recordings or check the FFT in real time. Transfer files and folders easily to your device or enable a network based connection using voyager as portable frontend for Velo 64 bit.

The next gen hardware platform. Be ready for a bright Microflown future together with Voyager

The Voyager is a portable NVH testing device that merges multiple functional units like data acquisition, signal conditioning, battery and storage into a powerful tablet device. A powerful tool as standalone device, enabled by the many features and possibilities embedded in the firmware. Furthermore, setting a new hardware platform as portable frontend for the many unique solutions within the Velo 64bit software platform. We'll furhter build on the Voyager, by either adding modules and capabilities to its embedded firmware and also growth the amount of compatible Velo 64 bit based applications.


Hardware Specifications

Input Channels 6 channels: 1 x LEMO 7-pin (4 channels) + 2 x BNC IEPE
Output Channels Stereo 3.5mm Jack
Other connectors Micro USB OTG, USB 2.0, Ethernet, DC power
CPU Quad Core 1 GHz
ADC resolution 24 bit
Input Voltage range ± 0.1 V, ± 1 V or ±10 V
Internal Memory 32 GB
Sampling Frequencies 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 24 kHz, 32 kHz and 48 kHz
Display 7 inch LCD Color TTL (800x480)
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storing temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Physical | Voyager
Physical dimensions 225 mm x 135 mm x 40 mm
Weight 1.3 Kg
Power Supply & Battery
Nominal Power Supply 18 VDC
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery capacity 4800 mAh | 34.6 Wh
Operating time 6 h


  • Firmware | Voyager
  • Firmware | Modules
  • Firmware | Releases
  • The device interface is intuitive to operate and the modular applications enable easy usage by NVH experts and technicians alike. Inspired by the workflow operation, as daily used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a target was set to bring a similar approach and experience to the Voyager. All operations are easily done, fully configurable in a matter of seconds. The touch controlled interactive icons provides ready access to different modes & settings: you can listen to the signal in real-time, switch to playback or analysis mode with just a single touch. All settings and options are directly accessible and visible, leading to easy and fast operation. Intuitive toggles provide single touch activation or deactivation of many features. The icon based menus leave a clear & large space open to display all your analysis data, offering the perfect balance between intuitive usage and visual display. Scalable and modular firmware enables the right feature that you need for your successful measurements campaigns.

  • Base Firmware

    • Lite (FW-VYR-L)
    • Standard (FW-VYR-S)

    Optional Firmware Modules

    • DAQ (FW-VYR-DAQ)
  • The current firmware version is Voyager 2.0

    The new version of the Voyager firmware is packed with new features and improvements. Field calibration, daq mode for Velo 64bit, loudness implementation, just to name a few! We are excited to announce that with the firmware version 2.0 arriving your Voyager can also be used as portable data acquisition system with our Velo 64Bit software and its applications. There are two options available to interface the Voyager with your computer, either by using the Micro USB or the Ethernet port.

    Click here to go to read the release note of firmware Voyager 2.0