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Portable device for nvh testing
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The Voyager is a portable all-in-one device that merges multiple functional units like data acquisition, signal conditioning and storage into a powerful NVH unit ideal for vibro-acoustic data recording, visualization and analysis.


  • Portable measurement device
  • Built-in battery and internal storage capacity
  • Autonomous operation
  • Embedded touch controlled software data analysis
  • Octave Bands, FFT, Spectrogram & Wavevorm
  • Real time audio filtering and listening
  • Compatibility with all Microflown probes
  • Compatible with up to 2 additional (IEPE) sensors


  • Noise source identification
  • Buzz, Squeak & Ratlle noise localization
  • Quality and End-of-Line Control
  • Acoustic leakage detection
  • Acoustic analysis

Simplyfiying testing times

The Voyager merges multiple functional units like data acquisition, data storage and signal conditioning into a sleek tablet device. Embedded software with touchscreen response allows a more intuitive and user friendly operation for real-time audio playback and comprehensive analysis of the acquired data. Besides conventional FFT and octave frequency analyses, the implementation of

spectrogram analysis allows the user to also study non-stationary or transient noises. Targeted analysis with the help of real-time filters on a data channel optimizes the workflow and efficiency of the Voyager. The possibility of extension up to 6 channels allows autonomous measurement with reference microphones or accelerometers to correlate and compare data measurements.



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