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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity

Probe adapters

PU match adapter: 4 pin to 7 pin LEMO

This item enables to use the PU match probe with any double-shielded 7 pin LEMO cables, enabling to connect the probe with up to 10 meters extensions. A Lemo cable is supplied with this product.

The adapter is designed to make the PU match compatible with any application that requires the usage of the probe handheld or of our Remote Handle.

In addition, an arrow marker is attached at the bottom to provide a visual aid that indicates the most sensitive direction of the particle velocity sensor.

1/2 inch PU mini adapter

This adapter is used in applications where the PU mini is needed as standard ½” sized probe. It also makes the probe compatible with the Microflown Remote Handle and easier to manipulate.

In addition, this adapter is also suitable with the PU probe provided with the In-situ impedance setup.

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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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