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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity

End-Of-Line & Quality Control

Traditional End-Of-Line (EOL) solutions often encounter difficulties adapting from controlled environments to industrial production lines due the presence of high levels of noise and vibrations generated by the surrounding machinery. In contrast, particle velocity measurements performed near a rigid radiating surface are less affected by background noise and they can potentially be used to address noise problems even in such conditions. The vector nature of particle velocity, an intrinsic dependency upon surface displacement and sensor directivity are the main advantages over conventional solutions. As a result, quantitative measurements describing the vibro-acoustic behavior of a device can be performed at the final stage of the manufacturing process.


  • Classification of multiple defects
  • Unbalance detection
  • Vibro-acoustic End-Of-Line tests
  • Identify defective actuators
  • Rotating machinery
  • Leak testing
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Reduce the pressure, go for particle velocity


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