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Internship | Studying squeak and rattle noise

Squeak and Rattle Noise

Squeak and Rattle (S&R) are transient sounds that occur when adjacent parts come into contact, either impacting or sliding. All components and sub-systems integrated in a vehicle may produce S&R, which can be linked to discomfort, annoyance or even be used as direct indicators of vehicle build quality and durability. As a result, car manufacturers have strict regulations to prevent noise issues. The vibro-acoustic validation tests can vary in complexity from full vehicle simulation to component level tests, however they all currently require a subjective evaluation.

Development of an objective S&R testing methodology

The main goal of this project is to create an innovative method able to identify, classify and rank the main areas producing a significant noise output. Near-field measurements of sound pressure and particle velocity could be used to extract information about the multiple areas that produce transient noises. The use of blind source separation techniques, acoustic vector sensor beamforming and direct sound mapping could be explored in this work. Experimental measurements should be carried out at specialize facilities to validate the technique and evaluate the limitations of the proposed method. If the work and findings are of good quality, preparing a publication for an international congress or peer-reviewed journal will be encouraged. In summary, the work should include a good overview of the current literature, implementation of signal processing techniques and classification tools, test measurements, and assessment of experimental results.


The candidate should:

  • be proficient in MatLab programming
  • be proficient in Signal processing
  • knowledgeable in acoustics and psychoacoustics


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