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Internship | Embedded Software Development


The Voyager is a portable all-in-one device that merges data acquisition, signal processing and storage for assessing a great variety of vibro-acoustic problems. This device was fully designed and developed by Microflown Technologies, including both hardware and embedded software. The Voyager is currently an autonomous device but it has a scalable architecture that can be integrated with other applications and calculation modules.

Project description

The main goal of this project is to develop advanced embedded tools for extending the functionality of the Voyager. The candidate should define a user interface as well as a scalable and robust back-end compatible with the current hardware. The specific purpose of the application will be defined depending on the profile and prior knowledge of the candidate. Acoustic quality control, synchronized data acquisition from multiple peripherals, calibration or sound localization tools are among the possible modules that could be developed. Experimental tests should be performed to validate the stability and reliability of the proposed solution. In summary, the work should include the design and implementation of a software module integrated into the Voyager platform, including an experimental assessment of the results achieved.


The candidate should:

  • have good programming skills in C++
  • be experienced using Qt and Debian
  • have prior knowledge of signal processing or acoustics


For more information send us an email including your CV.