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Internship | Signal processing for acoustic vector sensors

Acoustic Vector Sensors

Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) consist of a sound pressure microphone and orthogonally placed particle velocity sensor(s). Each AVS provides vector information about the sound propagation at the measured point. As a result, an AVS array shows advantages over a traditional microphone array since it combines the information extracted from the spatial interference between sensors and the intrinsic directivity of the particle velocity elements.

Project Description

The main goal of this project is to design an acoustic vector sensor system to localize multiple sound sources. Computer simulations should be carry out to estimate the optimum probe locations as well as the performance obtained with different beamforming algorithms. Experimental measurements should be carried out to evaluate the advantages and limitations of the system. If the work and findings are of a high standard, preparing a publication for an international congress or journal will be encouraged. In summary, the work should include a good description of array signal processing, computer simulations, test measurements, and assessment of experimental results.


The candidate should:

  • be proficient programming in MatLab
  • be proficient in Acoustics and signal processing
  • have prior knowledge of acoustic beamforming


For more information send us an email including your CV.