Microflown technologies

Based on a patented MEMS based sensor, the Microflown is the worlds only sensor directly measuring acoustic particle velocity!

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Product range

Microflown Technologies sells and supports sound & vibration products and solutions in the following categories:

> Standard probes
> Arrays

> Sources
> Calibrators
> Frontends
> VELO software

> Software
> Solutions
> Accessories

Market solutions

Unique Microflown enabled solutions are offered for various market segments. Go directly to the application of your interest:

> Automotive & Ground vehicles
> Appliances & Electronics
> Aerospace & Aviation
> Space
> Environmental Noise
> End of line control
> Room Acoustics
> MEMS Testing

Engineering services

Microflown Technologies testing division offers a range of services in the field of acoustics and vibrations. The services can be performed on site or in house, depending on application and customers wishes. Also a calibration service for regular recalibration of your Microflown sensors and  Training & Technology support are offered.

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Military Applications

For applications based on our acoustic vector sensors to create situational awareness a sister company of Microflown Technologies is founded in 2011 called Microflown AVISA. The solutions for three different platforms, Land, Air and Sea, are displayed on the AVISA website.

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